Those Texas bluebonnets


Give Texans a few days of sunshine and an excuse to get away and off they go. Kilgoreite Martha Clark and 68 others from Kilgore, Longview and Palestine spent the last five days in Burnet County at the Buckner Resort and Convention Facility for a senior adult conference.

“We had a wonderful stay,” said Martha. She didn’t divulge much more information about the resort but her eyes were definitely on colorful roadways coming and going. “On the way to Buckner, the bluebonnets were beautiful near Mexia and east of Waco, she continued. “On the way home, we saw more beautiful flowers, mostly bluebonnets, again east of Waco and then nearing Corsicana. However, on the west side of 135, there was apparently not enough rain and no pretty flowers near Marble Falls or Fredericksburg,” she surmised.

Kilgoreites Charlie and JoAnn Whiteside were part of this group; if we need more of scoop about the resort and conference it will probably have to come from them.

TAKING THE HINT and also getting the itch for bluebonnets were Dale and Lawana Sistrunk as he surprised her with a sightseeing trip this week. The couple headed toward the Waco area and from the photos she was posting on her Facebook page they definitely found several fields of bluebonnets and had a grand old time.

CHEESE ANYONE? We all have our favorite stopping points when traveling the roadways. This last weekend, Nora Fain and her son, Stephen went to Mississippi to visit relatives and see new babies born into the family. They always stop for what Nora refers to as “hoop cheese” and Mosby smoke sausage at the Williamsville general store located just off Highway 15 at Philadelphia in Neshoba County, Mississippi.

“The store has been in business for over 100 years,” said Nora. “Once you step inside you feel like you have stepped back in time. The shelves are filled with groceries, plants, and seeds and just about anything imaginable. Not only is the cheese the best, but you can get blue jean overalls, too!”

Nora has been eating cheese, crackers and some kind of lunch meat all week since her return. She claims it brings back memories of grandparents and parents and stories of them walking to Williamsville during their childhood for supplies.

Although she doesn’t know why her grandparents called it hoop cheese, commonly known to others as “rim” or “rat” cheese, if you let her know on her next trip to bring you back some, she will oblige. It is mighty tasty.

OH! WE CAN SEE IT NOW. The churches and schools will be vying to get these newcomers in as both are accomplished musicians. Prepare your welcome wagon now for Dr. Jeremy and Sara Alford with their move to Kilgore.

Dr. Jeremy has over 10 years’ experience as a church pianist in Shreveport and College Station and is eager to get connected in Kilgore. His wife, Sara is an accomplished trumpet player and has taught music and band from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

You will learn more about the couple as they hope to be settled in by June and he will join the staff at J. deGraffenried Dentistry.

“I’M GOING! I am finally getting to go on my dream trip to Hawaii,” announced Mitzi Hartfiel. “I have whined enough to my husband, Steve, long enough that he has finally conceded,” she laughed. “But, the last couple of months help in the whining field came from my son, Zach, who along with his girlfriend Bailey Haley will be going, too!” The trip is planned for May.

THE VOTE IS IN and women (and men) of Kilgore want CD’s from pianist/soloist James Holder. He has held out long enough and after playing for the Kilgore Church Women at a covered dish luncheon Friday, the demand is even greater. If he thinks the invitations to perform will cease once a CD is cut, he is wrong – at least this bunch of women think so.

WATCH CAREFULLY AS the copperheads are really bad this year. If you have any doubts ask Pat Sheets who carried a huge 5ft. (dead) copperhead into the KNH office on Monday to prove the point. The snake was found under a piece of tin.

“This was the larger of two,” she said. “My dogs, Pepsi and Coco found a smaller one around the corner of a storage building. Both are hounds and hunters and have a distinct bark when there is something dangerous. Both dogs ended up getting bit before I could kill that one,” said Pat.

“I knew when you find a small one, larger ones are around. This one was found under a piece of tin.’ Both dogs were pretty sick from the bite of the smaller one, they still alerted me before I jerked up the tin.

“They are still swollen from the snake bite, but are feeling better. If your dogs get bit give them two 25 mg. of Benadryl every 4 hours until they are better. For smaller dogs, you will lessen the dosage but the Benadryl will save them,” she advised.

MAY HIS LOVE AND LAUGHTER fill your hearts and your homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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