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THEY call themselves “The Cruisers.” The Cole family loves to travel and so it was of no surprise to others that a trip to Kentucky through the week of Thanksgiving was planned.

“We are definitely the travelers and have been all over including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize and Honduras so this trip was just part of what we do,” said Patti Cole. “Touring The Ark was a last minute decision and we are so glad we did.”

Eight family members from Kilgore, Liberty City and Henderson area met at the home of Patti’s niece Amanda and her husband Brian Bradley in Corbin, Kentucky, to enjoy a visit. The Bradleys live a two hour drive from the 510 ft. long, 85 ft. wide, 51 ft. tall replica of The Ark and the adventurous bunch took off to enjoy the sites.

Located in Williamstown, The Ark Encounter was built on an 800-acre tract of land and includes a park and the Creation Museum. After seeing a replica of Noah’s family in prayer at the start of the flood, the tour leads you through all three decks of the Ark.

“It was so awesome it is just hard to describe. We met a man in Georgia as we were coming home and he asked us about it. He said his son and grandson had told him the same and now he must go,” said Patti. “Just unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.”

“Yes, the animals are in there, in pairs; stuffed and not alive, naturally, but very unique as it is explained how they were chosen. Also, The Ark is very handicap-accessible with ramps, scooters, restrooms very carefully thought out,” she added. “That was very important to our family and probably many others.”

While in Corbin, the family also visited Cumberland Falls. “The weather was very nice and made visiting the falls so good. You never know if you are going to be in snow or rain,” she said.

Patti is a substitute teacher for the Sabine School District. She says the students tease her when she arrives as school as they believe she is always on a cruise.

ON this trip from Texas was Lewis Baker; Penny and Frank Hummel; Crystal Lynn, Caleb and Bethany Joy Mabry; Matt Cole; Jenner Baker; Patti, Brittany and Matt Cole.

“OH, IT WAS JUST AWFUL,” said Kelly Watson, postal carrier for Kilgore. “I didn’t even know there was one around,” she said. “I got butted in the butt by a goat. It was just awful. I picked up a couple of packages and turned to put them in the back of the postal Jeep and the next thing I knew, that goat came out of nowhere and butted me! I had to hold her off with the other packages to keep her from doing it again!”

One thing about Kelly, she sure gained the attention of everyone in the room that had slipped off early from the Christmas parade to enjoy soup and dessert in the home of Janice Cameron. There were several that almost needed picked up from the floor from rolling with laughter after hearing of her plight with the goat.

Poor Kelly, just where is Funniest Home Videos when you need them the most? Enjoying that evening were Cindy Gilmore, Jeanie Thompson, Wanda Billings, Elizabeth Tullar, Linda Ballard, Kelly Watson and Janice Cameron.

SPEAKING OF ANIMALS, James Campbell has virtually seen the light as a deer tried to take out his truck while on a trip to Hillsboro last week. “It tore up my whole front end,” he said. “And there was no escaping.”

He complimented Gerad Waits at Patterson Collision for helping ease the process.

“The deer are definitely out and running crazy,” said Gerad, who keeps KNH staff posted about animal hits on his board.

“One month ago we had 12 hits by deer and as of Thursday this week we had 52 hits by deer with one of them happening right here on Highway 259 between us and Gabriel Jordan. That is 42 in one month with most of them taking place within the last 8 days. Considering we only had 50 for the entire year at the end of last year and to have this many within a month shows you how serious it is,” he cautioned.

“The deer are actually running into the sides of vehicles,” he added. “If deer whistles are applied correctly where the wind can pass through they will cause a deer to stop, hopefully long enough for you to pass.” Thanks Gerad. If anyone has time to help James deliver furniture with their own truck while his is down, you might want to give him a shout.

JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, “Morning Mantra” a daily devotional written by Kilgoreite Pastor Riley Pippin has arrived from the publishers. Bro. Riley will be autographing his new book after the 10:30 A.M. Worship Services Sunday morning at Forest Home Baptist Church. The church is located at 15746 CR 173 North, (off the loop- Danville Rd) in Kilgore.

PETE POLK was missed this year at the Christmas parade, the first of many that he always had a team of mules or horses riding down the streets. A call from Kate Johnson brought it to our attention. Kate’s husband Ulysses Johnson, Jr. was taught the art of horseshoeing from Pete over 35 years ago.

“I have been asked if I learned how to shoe horses in college,” laughed Ulysses. “I would say yes, Pete Polk’s College. Oh, I have never heard of that one they would always say, but, I have had a good time telling them that he certainly existed.”

“He was Daddy Pete to our kids,” said Katie. “He would send eggs and I would make them into a pound cake for him. Yes, he is missed.”

MAY HIS LOVE AND LAUGHTER Fill Your Hearts and Your Home Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at 903-984-2593 or


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