Veteran radio personalities revel in Kilgore museum's collection


The Texas Broadcast Museum was jam-packed Saturday for the second annualTexas Radio Hall of Fame induction in Kilgore.

The event was completely sold-out – again – as broadcast veterans from across the state gathered in Chuck Conrad’s Main Street museum. The building, too, is filled to bursting with the best of radio and TV, and Conrad will be selling off the surplus Nov. 10.

The Texas Radio Hall of Fame found a permanent home in the Kilgore venue last year, surrounded by relics of the trade from Conrad’s collection. More than 220 visitors browsed the stock of vintage items Nov. 3.

“It’s so cool,” said 2017 inductee Bill Ingram, glad to return to the Texas Museum of Broadcasting & Communications, revisiting milestones on his long career in the industry. “I’ve done this 42 years – I go through all the different eras.”

Bobby Prado, one of Saturday’s 2018 inductees, felt himself in familiar territory in one of the broadcast museum’s demonstration booths. He was glad to make a return trip to Kilgore for the second induction held at the Main Street venue.

“Coming back today, it’s even bigger than it was last year,” Prado said, praising Conrad’s additions since the November 2017 event. “He’s done such an incredible job with this,” and found a solid partner in Texas Radio Hall of Fame and it’s president, Josh Holstead: “They’ve both done a great job of putting this event together.

The hall of fame’s 2018 Inductees were Dave Ambrose, T.J. Callahan, Lew Dee, Judy Bormaster Hart, Mary “Mike” Hatcher, Bill Hill, Bud Little, Jim Love, Prado, Bo Roberts and Jim White, Mike Rogers, Bill Rohde, Don Samuel, Dave Scott, Jody Seay, Jimmy Louis Wilken and Chuck Wolf.

“All of them that are being inducted are deserving, so we’re all proud to be here and support them,” Prado said. “This is an exciting event for everybody.”

After filling the museum’s convention space to the limit Nov. 3, Conrad will be opening space up this weekend with a tailgate sale and auction Saturday morning.

The tailgate event begins at 7 a.m. Outdoor vendors spaces at 416 E. Main St. are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sellers are welcome to buy, sell or trade their old electronics – ham radio equipment, televisions, audio pieces, radios, computers and other gadgetry. The sale isn’t intended for household goods, clothing and other non-electronics.

While the sale’s happening outside, at 10 p.m. Conrad will begin auctioning off surplus equipment that’s made its way to the museum.

“Mostly the items are duplicates or triplicates of items already on display,” he noted. “We’d much rather share our bounty with other collectors who will appreciate it than pay to store it or send it to a landfill.”

Proceeds from the auction – conducted by Sargent Auction Service – benefit the broadcast museum, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

“Everything is sold as-is, where is,” Conrad added.

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