Winter fun


Every year there seems to be a special theme or something prominent to catch the eye during the Christmas and winter season. One year it was polar bears and this year it seems it was a snowman. For a couple of women especially in the Liberty City area those little white globs of snow, some with corncob pipes and some without, make them quite happy.

Mary Hughes has been collecting snowmen for the last twenty years and though a few remain out all year long, during the Christmas season she puts them out for all to enjoy. Well, that is until this year when she broke her leg, leaving her with many still crated up and in storage.

“I have never really counted the snowmen,” said Mary. And while her husband Ronnie was in the background muttering “at least a thousand” Mary insisted on mentally counting several hundreds and finally concluding it could very well be close to a thousand snowmen gracing special shelving inside and sprinkled across her lawn on the outside. Even her Christmas tree is adorned with snowmen and snowflakes.

“I started collecting water globes at first,” she said. “I thought they were so cute and it (the collecting) just started from there,” she continued. “There is not a favorite one that sticks out in my mind, I love them all,” she said. “The most unusual one has to be a cone-shaped one made out of a cone thread spool made by one of Ronnie’s nephews and a snowman painted on a rock given to me by my daughter’s friend.

“I also have a 12-inch tall bouncing snowman that, when you pull down on his arm. he sings and bounces. And snowmen that look like little, old ladies all dressed up…”

Through the season, snowmen can be found everywhere from plates, to dish towels, place mats without a duplicate in the bunch, she proudly announces.

It takes Mary three full days to decorate her home (without a broken leg) and three full days to crate them back up which she does shortly after Christmas.

“NOT ME," said Mrs. 'Nellie' Denmon who started her collection three years ago. “I leave mine out through the winter as to me snowmen are not about Christmas, although that is when I put them out.”

Nellie started by collecting snowmen cookie jars and now owns 10 of them. Her kitchen windows are filled with the little men of all sizes. And a snowman winter scene crosses the width of their picture window.

Nellie doesn’t like inflatable ones outside because, according to her, they look bad when the weather is bad, so, she has snowmen riding in a wagon and a wooden one joined the others on the outside this year.

Due to a remodeling of their living room, some of their shelves for her figurines were not put back up and she has 5 crates of them still in storage.

“I just like them,” she said. “They make me happy.”

Snow has been predicted for many parts of the United States this weekend, perhaps these gals will get to build a real snowman.

Nellie and Jerome Denmon live a few streets away from Mary and Ronnie Hughes in Liberty City. Both couples attend Victory Road Baptist Church.

DAVID HEDRICK, who for years was ‘Santa Claus’ at Kilgore schools, was Santa once more this year. His mission this time was to deliver an enlarged photograph on canvas of a child taken with David-as-Santa. The original photo was taken by KNH staffer Lester Murray in December 2005 and, in Santa’s eyes, belonged with the family. The photo was the epitome of love across the child’s beaming face as she relayed to Santa her Christmas list. Her parents are Cindy and Eric Allen and the child photographed was Emily.

David found the mother, Cindy Allen, was a receptionist at Kilgore Middle School and to add to the fun she was warned through a phone call to expect a visit from someone wearing red coveralls. When Cindy received the gift another co-worker Melba Hampton spoke up and shared stories of the time Santa was escorted to the school by the firemen and police officers to make sure good little girls and boys received a gift. The walk down memory lane did them all good and David left the school knowing he could report to Santa his mission had been accomplished. Santa was pleased to know that Emily (the little girl in the photo) is now a senior in high school.

LET IT SNOW, let it snow, let it snow after the New Year. Happy New Year Everyone! Here is hoping all of your resolutions come true. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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